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How to Educate New Homebuyers in 3 Simple Steps | Claire Hamilton

Millennials are known for being digitally native. However, millennials, like the generations before them, desire a human-to-human interaction during the mo

Five LinkedIn Hacks to Build Your Network | Ben Smidt

Whether you are on the hunt for a new career, looking to connect with potential clients or interested in gaining more authentic followers, your LinkedIn pr

How to Deliver a Borrower-Centric Lending Experience - Pam Herrmann and Michael Malinoski

The 2018 Borrower Survey results are in, and you get the first look at our findings. Join Pamela and Michael as they turn the results into actionable insig

Discovering Digital Tracks for Borrower Engagement - Marc White

A true digital mortgage means more than just enabling borrowers to apply on their phones. It’s time to do for the lending industry what the Amazons and U

5 KPIs That Drive Any Growth Strategy | Dan Green

Wondering how your institution compares to the industry average when it comes to key performance statistics? Find out how Mortgage Cadence customers are tr

Decoding and Demystifying Blockchain to Benefit Your Business | Chrissy Pringle

For many, Blockchain technology may seem like a foreign language. It is, however, rapidly gaining traction in the mortgage industry and promises to be an i

Borrower Center 3.0

Borrower Center 3.0 is a web portal designed to deliver the best borrower origination experience by offering a central gateway for status updates.

Snap Training on How to Market to 2018 Homebuyers | Claire Hamilton

Want to learn tangible tips on how to market to new homebuyers of all ages? We hear you. Claire Hamilton, Content Marketing Manager at Mortgage Cadence, te

Combating Cyber Crime in Mortgage Lending | Todd Hougaard

Everyday unsuspecting borrowers, lenders and 3rd party providers are being targeted by cyber criminals in the dark web who are patiently building out their

Digital Mortgage Conference | Dan Green

At the Digital Mortgage Conference, Dan Green, EVP Operations of Mortgage Cadence, discusses the importance of mobile capabilities when it comes to loan or

Borrowers Everywhere Want Accessibility, and They Want it Now | Michael Hammond

When it comes to technology and the mortgage industry, change is the name of the game. Technology has enabled automation, which has led to borrowers expect

Empowering Women in the Mortgage Lending Industry | Tina Lindsey

It’s 2018 and it’s time for women to shatter the glass ceiling in every industry. Mortgage lending is no exception. How can you empower the women in yo

New Ways to Market Your Mortgage Lending Business in 2018 | Jacob Gaffney

Most banks and credit unions are fighting for the same mortgage lending business and borrowers, but are they succeeding? No one likes to be bombarded with

How to Fast-Track Rapport with Video Email | Richard Scheig

While technology is all the rage in the real estate and lending industries, sometimes it’s hard not to lose the human touch in all the digitization. Ente

Mobile Apps for Mortgage Technology | Joe Wilson

Through other consumer experiences, borrowers have been conditioned to get what they want when they want it. Now with mobile apps for mortgage technology g

And the Name of the Game is… Strategy | Diane Jester

Companies big and small have one thing in common: in order to succeed, a clear strategy for the future must be in place. With rapidly evolving loan origina

Change is Tough, but Beneficial and Necessary | Chase Gilbert

Construction loans have been manufactured the same way for decades. New technologies, however, are stepping into the field and digital mortgages are increa

Avoiding Price Tag Deception 101 | John Detwiler

Although a low price tag is often enticing, when it comes to lending technology, it’s important to have all the facts. A low up-front cost doesn’t equa


Finding the right balance between human interaction and technology is the sweet spot for profitable businesses. If technology can help automate manual, ted

Build Your Strategy Without the Analysis Paralysis | Trevor Gauthier

Every business wants to maximize profits, while maintaining loyal customers and happy employees. So how can assessing the proper technology aid in this?

Managing Compliance to Keep Cost to Close in Check | Amanda Phillips

Decreasing cost to close involves many moving parts. Nailing the always moving target that is compliance is essential to pulling the profit lever. Am

Borrower Experience: One Shot to Get It Right | Tawn Kelley

Increased profits and referrals begins with hiring great people. Tawn Kelley, President of Taylor Morrison Home Funding shares how they meet the borr

What is Pull Through in Mortgage Lending | Jeff Shood

One of the 5 key metrics to monitor if you're looking to increase your profitability in mortgage lending is your Pull Through rate. An astronomical 6

5 KPI's For Mortgage Lending | Dan Green

In every business there are metrics that matter. These are the ones that guide decisions and help measure success. Without them a business is like a boat w

Mortgage Lending Technology and Strategy | Rick Grant

Guest Rick Grant with RGA Public Relations has spent decades writing on mortgage lending and technology for industry publications like Housing Wire and Sou

Cross Selling to Your Borrowers | Jason Sasena

Today's episode of LendTech Briefing we interivew Jason Sasena, SVP, Lake Michigan Credit Union. Jason shares how his organization attracts younger team me

Introduction to Mortgage Cadence

Mortgage Cadence offers loan origination technology that simplifies the mortgage process.

Ascent: The Most Inspiring Event of the Year

Mortgage Cadence's annual user conference, Ascent, brings customer engagement to the main stage for a live, interactive multi-day conference. Ascent covers

Describe Mortgage Cadence in One Word

We asked our customers and staff to describe Mortgage Cadence in One Word. Here's what they had to say.

Why Mortgage Cadence Could Be Your Next Opportunity

Find the career that's right for you at Mortgage Cadence.

Collaboration Center: Securing the Mortgage Industry

Mortgage Cadence's Todd Hougaard, product manager, and Marc White, SVP sales engineering, deliver a live demo of Collaboration Center at FinovateFall 2017.